Why Use a Light Meter?

For the Illuminati blog's first article, let’s start with a basic question – why even use a hand-held light meter in the first place?   First, a story.  Years ago, some colleagues and I were having breakfast in Cologne, Germany.  We were in town for the Photokina Show, and the first time in Europe for many

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IM150 Wireless Light & Color Meter

The IM150 is a wireless incident light and color meter that connects to your iPhone or Android device over Bluetooth. Measure ambient, continuous, and strobe lighting at multiple locations in a scene Set lighting ratios accurately and without moving between the scene and your lights Color match continuous lights/strobes to ambient or any color

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Welcome to the Inner Sanctum Blog

Welcome to the first posting of the new Illuminati Instrument's new blog, the "Inner Sanctum"! We plan to use this blog to share all manner of technical article.  We hope to provide you with insights and background knowledge into all manner of issues related to the fundamentals of light metering, color science, and lighting

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