IM150 Meter

IM150 Wireless Light & Color Meter The IM150 meter has all the functions of other meters, plus the convenience of remote sensing & multiple sensors in a very small, convenient package. And for less than the cost of an inexpensive lens. Wirelessly connect one or many IM150 meters to your smartphone,

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Isolight Color illuminance and color meter

Isolight Color The Isolight Color securely holds standard test charts and features a luminance/chrominance sensors at each corner.  A backlight LCD screen and LED indicator rings displays incident light, color, and uniformity, ensuring your lighting is consistent and even for the most accurate image quality measurements.  A 100 LED chase allows

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Puck USB illuminance and color meter

Puck USB-connected Light & Color Meter The PU200 "Puck" is a USB-connected illuminance and color meter.  It's perfect for integrating into factory and laboratory test systems

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Introducing the IM150

Introducing the IM150 We are proud to announce the IM150, the successor to our popular IM100 meter.  The IM150 includes many new features and improvements: More accurate color metering of white LED sources More accurate and consistent metering of fast and low-power strobes Longer battery life

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Big Android Light Meter App Update

EXCITING ENHANCEMENTS FOR YOUR ILLUMINATI LIGHT METER Welcome to our most comprehensive Android app update for your light meter! Because we wanted to make your Android metering experience the best yet, we have packed a lot of new stuff into this release. For example, we improved flash metering, created a new color temperature display,

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The Slanted Lens – Correct Exposure with and without a Light Meter

BY MORGAN Hi, this is Jay P! Today, we are going to be talking about 3 different ways you can set the right exposure for film. The biggest thing for beginning film photographers is to learn is how to meter your film properly. All of our film stock was processed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab. Thanks

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The Slanted Lens – Comparing Continuous Lighting vs. Strobes

BY MORGAN It’s Jay P here with another episode on lighting.  This week we compared the pros and cons of strobes vs. continuous light and conducted some indoor and outdoor lighting tests between the two for you to decide which one to use when you are shooting. Thanks to our model Elena G. (@elenahappiness) for

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Tony Gatlin

Last Friday I spent some time talking with Tony Gatlin, a PPA (Professional Photographers of America) member based near Little Rock, Arkansas, in the US, and a new Illuminati Meter user. "I get to make people smile for a living!," says Gatlin. That is what motivates his photography business - a business he describes

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50 Shades of Shade: Color Temperature and Exposure in Shadows

"Shade" is Not Just One Setting - It is Many! This blogpost shows you color temperature and exposure can vary by QUITE A LOT in shade. And the lessons here apply whether you are photographing mushrooms, people, or building interiors - and whether your light source is natural light, LEDs, or flash - or

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The Illuminati Color Meter Fixes a Green Tint Outdoors

Here is a white balance example for the Illuminati color meter that anyone who shoots outdoors will find helpful. Our scene is this gold-colored house in summer. The front of the house sits in shade -  a challenging enough lighting conditioning for any camera -  and is surrounded by a green lawn and green trees

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