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Why Use a Light Meter?

For the Illuminati blog's first article, let’s start with a basic question – why even use a hand-held light meter in the first place?   First, a story.  Years ago, some colleagues and I were having breakfast in Cologne, Germany.  We were in town for the Photokina Show, and the first time in Europe for many

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The Slanted Lens – Correct Exposure with and without a Light Meter

BY MORGAN Hi, this is Jay P! Today, we are going to be talking about 3 different ways you can set the right exposure for film. The biggest thing for beginning film photographers is to learn is how to meter your film properly. All of our film stock was processed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab. Thanks

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The Slanted Lens – Comparing Continuous Lighting vs. Strobes

BY MORGAN It’s Jay P here with another episode on lighting.  This week we compared the pros and cons of strobes vs. continuous light and conducted some indoor and outdoor lighting tests between the two for you to decide which one to use when you are shooting. Thanks to our model Elena G. (@elenahappiness) for

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50 Shades of Shade: Color Temperature and Exposure in Shadows

"Shade" is Not Just One Setting - It is Many! This blogpost shows you color temperature and exposure can vary by QUITE A LOT in shade. And the lessons here apply whether you are photographing mushrooms, people, or building interiors - and whether your light source is natural light, LEDs, or flash - or

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The Illuminati Color Meter Fixes a Green Tint Outdoors

Here is a white balance example for the Illuminati color meter that anyone who shoots outdoors will find helpful. Our scene is this gold-colored house in summer. The front of the house sits in shade -  a challenging enough lighting conditioning for any camera -  and is surrounded by a green lawn and green trees

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Features of the IM100 & IM150 Bluetooth Light & Color Meters

Sure, you know about the Illuminati Meter and its smartphone apps that make light and color metering wireless. But did you know about these very cool mechanical design features that make lighting easier and faster? Multiple mounting options, informative LEDs, the unique diffusion dome, and more, combine to make working with the Illuminati Meter

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The Slanted Lens – Lighting Ratios for Photo and Video using the Illuminati Meter

By Jay P Hi, this is Jay P. Morgan. Today on The Slanted Lens we’re talking about lighting ratios for photo and video. Today you’re going to learn about lighting ratios. 1:1, 1:2, 1:4, 1:8- what do these numbers all mean? Let’s take a look. Lighting Ratios A 1:1 lighting ratio simply means that

5 Reasons to Own a Color Meter and 2 Reasons You Don’t – Illuminati Light and Color Meter

By Jay P Hi, this is Jay P. Morgan. Today we’ve got 5 reasons you should own a color meter, and 2 reasons you probably don’t. We’ve also got the meter that will solve each of those problems for you. Check it out, today on The Slanted Lens. Check out the Illuminati Wireless Light

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