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The Slanted Lens – Correct Exposure with and without a Light Meter

BY MORGAN Hi, this is Jay P! Today, we are going to be talking about 3 different ways you can set the right exposure for film. The biggest thing for beginning film photographers is to learn is how to meter your film properly. All of our film stock was processed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab. Thanks

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The Slanted Lens – Comparing Continuous Lighting vs. Strobes

BY MORGAN It’s Jay P here with another episode on lighting.  This week we compared the pros and cons of strobes vs. continuous light and conducted some indoor and outdoor lighting tests between the two for you to decide which one to use when you are shooting. Thanks to our model Elena G. (@elenahappiness) for

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Video Maker – Review: Illuminati Wireless Light and Color Meter

By Chris Monlux  If you have ever needed a light meter, the Illuminati will do it for you and for a really affordable price. More than just a light meter, the Illuminati Wireless Light and Color Meter measures both the light your lights emit and its color temperature. It will even suggest a gel

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RedShark – The Illuminati turns your smart phone into a professional quality light meter

Written by  Erik Vlietinck Can a smart phone light meter really be every bit as good as a dedicated professional device? Erik Vlietink takes a good look at the Illuminati from Illuminati Instruments. App-based light meters that use the camera of your mobile device to work their magic are cheap and still somewhat accurate, but

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Visuals Producer – Illuminati light meter review

By Erik Vlietinck A light meter is an essential tool for serious photographers and filmmakers. The most useful ones not only measure the level of light and translate it into an f-stop, exposure time or ISO value, but also tell you colour characteristics. They will also measure the bursts of light emitted by a strobe

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The Best Color Meter at Cinegear 2018 is Illuminati Instruments Corp

We will be at Cinegear Jun 1 & 2 at the Paramount Studios lot in LA demonstrating the Illuminati Meter for our friends who make moving images. In addition to color temperature and exposure, use the Lee and Rosco filter libraries in the Illuminati App to find the right gel to make lights

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See the Illuminati Meter at NAB, Las Vegas Convention Center, April 9-12, 2018

Come and explore how much more productive you can be on-set with the Illuminati Wireless Light and Color Meter at NAB, April 9-12, Las Vegas Convention Center, Booth C3136.  We will be glad to give you a demonstration and explain how the Illuminati Meter can help you speed up your lighting set-up, improve your accuracy

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PDN – Object of Desire: Illuminati Color Meter

By Greg Scoblete Illuminati Color Meter Print  Comments The Illuminati Color Meter won’t give you access to a secret cabal bent on global domination, but it will deliver wireless color and light readings to your smartphone via Bluetooth—which is almost as good. The device measures color temperature, exposure and chromaticity and sends them in real time

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Photo Focus – The Smartphone Lightmeter on the Job

 by Kevin Ames I just received a pre-production Illuminati incident light meter that uses bluetooth to connect to a smart phone. I am really excited to use it on a job… Why use an incident lightmeter? The answer is really simple. The meters in our cameras are kinda crippled. Want to see what I mean? Go find

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