Illuminati Light and Color Meter for Android and Apple Smartphones

Designed for light measurement in photo and video applications, the Illuminati Meter can help you get better exposure and more consistent color from your camera, and helps you be more productive! Ever walk into a location with unknown lighting and want to know that your strobe color temperature matches the existing lights? Instead of fixing your images later in software, use the Illuminati Meter reads the color of the ambient light and your strobe – and helps you choose the right correction filter so your color is consistent and uniform.

  • Measures exposure for moving & still images: ISO, Shutter
    Speed, Aperture, Shutter Angle, T-stops, Frame Rate, ND
  • Color temperature for continuous lights and strobes
  • Illuminance in lux and foot-candles, color in CIE x,y
  • Connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth-enabled app
  • Built-in filter library helps you find the right gel to color match
    different light sources (color temp. and green/magenta tint)
  • Work up to 80 feet from your meter
  • Multiple mounting options, including 1/4-20 threaded,
    rare-earth magnet, and lanyard

 The Illuminati Meter can help! 

Isolight Products for Digital Camera Development and Characterization

Designed for image quality testing in digital camera development environments, the Isolight system is a range of three products to help you measure light color and uniformity for your chart test images.

  • Isolight, a chartholder for light intensity measurement
  • Isolight Color, a chartholder to measure the color (CCT, CIE x,y) and intensity of your light source
  • Isolight Puck, small light and color measurement devices that you can program and put anywhere in your scene