Using Isolight in a Light Booth

Isolight chart holder to check illuminance uniformity
Isolight makes light booth testing much easier and more accurate:
  • Quickly and safely magnetically mounts to booth walls
  • Use fold-out legs for plastic booths
  • Automatically include light level and uniformity readings in each captured image
  • Remotely measure light level for automated data gathering and characterization
  • Quickly and repeatably position charts when using multiple charts
  • 18% gray case won’t alter auto white balance or auto exposure behavior
  • Autoranging sensors means you won’t have to reach into the booth to adjust range settings, potentially disturbing test scenes
  • Powered from USB or DC adapter so you never have to worry about batteries
  • Use battery operation for cleaner appearances
  • Automatically detect test chart position and framing using the white/black light sensors as machine vision alignment targets
You will probably soon realize the lighting in most light booths isn’t very uniform.  Isolight will tell you just how uniform it is.  Isolight can also be a useful tool should you choose to improve your lighting uniformity.