Isolight for Production Testing

Isolight light meters are ideal for integration into production test environments.  The combination of automatic operation, visual feedback, and remote operation features enables powerful automated image analysis.
  • USB and Xbee wireless communication for remote data acquisition
  • Set LED indicators to verify lighting during production test
    • Quickly prevent and detect operator error or faulty equipment
    • Set LED indicators to red-off-yellow mode.  As long as lighting is within the target range the indicators remain off
    • If the LED indicators are lit in an image then there’s a lighting problem
  • LCD display automatically records the light level in test images
    • No need to save test data separately
  • White/black light sensors make excellent alignment targets to automatically detect chart position
  • Mount on a test wall with keyhole slots or 1/4-20″ tripod screw
  • Holds charts safely during use but allows easy replacement or removing charts for storage