Isolight is for Video Quality Testing

In addition to still image testing, The Isolight LED chaser lets you measure:

  • Frame Rate – Set the LED chaser so that several LEDs are visible in each image.  The frame rate is the number of LEDs from the start of the bar in one image to the start of the bar in a second image
  • Frame Rate Jitter – the frame time from one image to the next should be constant.  If the frame rate varies more than one LED, there is significant frame rate jitter in your system
  • Dropped Frames – Every LED should be visible in at least one video frame.  If any LEDs are missing from the sequence, your system is dropping frames.  You can estimate the drop-out period as well
  • Audio/Video Synchronization – Audio/video track synchronization can be measured by capturing video with audio markers enabled for emphasis LEDs. Each audio marker should sound during the associated video frame. The amount of leading or lagging indicates the audio track desynchronization
  • Auto-Exposure Behavior – Using the auto LED brightness mode, you can watch the exposure time change from frame to frame as you adjust the light level.  This is very useful for measuring and auto exposure convergence time, stability, and over/undershoot