LCD Display Modes

Isolight provides many LCD display modes to show just the information you need.  Easily switch display modes with the UP and DOWN keys.
Isolight chart holder biggest lux display

Large Average Reading

Best for low resolution cameras and basic operation

Isolight chart holder, LED display, big lux

Large Readings

Large individual readings show the level at each sensor

Isolight chart holder LED display (lux summary)

Reading Details

Shows light details including average level, current uniformity, target high and low levels, and individual sensor readings

Isolight chart holder LED display

Level Bar Graphs

Auto-scaling horizontal bar display of individual levels with reading details

Isolight chart holder LED display (lux in corners)

Tolerance Bar Graphs

Horizontal bar display of levels relative to tolerance target.  Central arrows indicate the target level for each sensor

Isolight chart holder, LED, Chaser Mode

LED Chaser Display

Shows all LED chaser settings

Isolight chart holder LED display statistics

Combination Display

Combination of readings, target and tolerance data, and LED chaser settings

Auto Backlight Brightness

Like the LED indicator rings and LED chaser, the LCD backlight brightness can be set manually or used in auto brightness mode. Auto brightness mode uses the ambient light level to adjust the brightness for optimum viewing in very dark or bright conditions. It also ensures the backlight doesn’t introduce light pollution by being too bright in low-light conditions.