LED Indicators

Quickly Verify Light Levels

Isolight chart holder to check illuminance uniformity

Customers and industry standards specify test light levels. Unfortunately, achieving the right lighting conditions is tricky and tedious. Using handheld light meters is difficult because of the chance of casting shadows and altering the lighting. Mounting a light meter near the test chart is better, but limits you to a reading at a single point – you still don’t know the lighting uniformity. Even with multiple meters, measuring flatness and average light level is hard. Isolight solves all the problems entirely.

LED indicator montage

Isolight uses innovative LED indicator rings around each light sensor to show when the light level is too high, too low, or within target levels.  Users set their target light level in lux and uniformity in either lux or percent.

Indicator Modes

Isolight includes two indicator modes – level tolerance and uniformity tolerance:

  • Level tolerance – light levels are judged as absolute readings in lux, with the upper and lower limits set by the user-selected tolerance
  • Uniformity tolerance – LED indicators report which sensors are above or below the specified tolerance level relative to the average light level. Uniformity mode is useful for ensuring the lighting is uniform, regardless of the current light level

Display Schemes

Several user-selectable display schemes are available:

Mode Too Dark Within Range Too Bright Comments
Red/Green/Yellow Red Green Yellow Good for general use
Red/Off/Yellow Red Off Yellow Ideal for production. LEDs are off when lighting is correct and only show if there’s a problem
Slow Red Flash/Green/Fast Red Flash Slowly flashes red Green Slowly flashes red More visible in bright conditions

Brightness Controls

LEDs can be hard to see in bright light or cause light pollution in very low light. Isolight offers manual brightness control as well as an innovative auto brightness mode. In auto brightness mode, the LED brightness automatically adapts to the current average scene brightness, so that the LED indicators are always visible but not so bright as create light pollution and distort the scene lighting or affect camera performance.

Audio Indicators

Isolight also features audio feedback to indicate when the lighting is correct. When enabled, Isolight plays distinctive tones when all four sensors are within range or when any of the sensors go out of range.