Light Sensors

Isolight chart holder showing detail of corner sensor

The heart of Isolight is its four light sensors.  Each sensor is cosine-corrected and closely matches the spectral response of the human eye (photopic response).  Positioned at each of the test chart corners, the light sensors measure both absolute light level in Lux and the illumination uniformity in Lux or percent.  The sensors are always positioned near your test chart, so you never have to try to hold or mount a hand-held light meter in the scene again.


The entire light sensor system operation is fully auto-ranging.  Independent programmable gain stages,  a 24bit ADC, and automatic gain adjustment delivers seven orders of magnitude of dynamic range without ever pressing a button.  Take accurate light measurements from near complete darkness to full sunlight.
Wide dynamic range and autoranging means you never have to risk disturbing a test scene to adjust the light meter’s range.

Selectable Update Rate

The ADC conversion rate is adjustable from 0.25 sec to 2.0 sec, to allow you to choose between fast response and stable, flicker-free readout.