Remote Data Acquisition and Control

For your convenience, the Isolight and Isolight Color can be controlled – and data can be gathered – remotely. The handy user manual explains the command interface.

Isolight chart holder showing USB & AC connectors

USB Interface

Isolight features a USB interface for remote control and data acquisition.  The simple command language provides access to all menu command settings.  All light sensor data is available including individual sensor readings, current target value, and min and max tolerance values.

XBee Wireless Interface

Isolight also offers an optional XBee wireless interface.  Using the same command language as the USB interface, the wireless interface is easy to set-up and means one less cable to manage whether in a light booth, studio, or in the field.

Production Test Systems

Isolight is ideal for use in production test systems to ensure accurate and repeatable set-ups.  Use Isolight to automatically verify lighting is operating and configured correctly.