Isolight Color

Isolight Color to maintain even lighting

The Isolight Color is the ultimate image quality testing or calibration accessory.  The Isolight Color replaces the light sensors of the original Isolight with four full-color RGB sensors.  Now you can measure every aspect of your scene’s lighting, including color, light level, and uniformity.  Color is reported as either correlated color temperature in degrees K or as Yxy coordinates.  Illuminance is measured in Lux.
The Isolight Color includes all other features of the original Isolight, including the 100 LED chaser, chart holding clips, multiple mounting options, and USB interface.

  • The Isolight Color body is colored an industry standard matte 18% gray, to avoid disturbing auto exposure and auto white balance algorithms
  • Chart Holding Clips – holds standard test charts securely
  • Color Sensors – four sensors simultaneously measure both light level (in Lux) and light color (in degrees K or Yxy coordinates) at each corner
  • LED Indicators – show when the light levels are too low, too high, or within programmable ranges
  • LED Chaser – for testing a host of time-related imaging and audio parameters
  • LCD Display Modes – multiple modes to clearly show data and trends
  • Programmable Presets – for quickly switching between light levels and modes
  • Remote Operation – USB and XBee interfaces enables data acquisition and remote operation
  • Mounting Options – hold and display your Isolight securely
  • Powered by USB, DC adapter, or 3 or 6 AAA batteries
  • Dimensions: 13.6in x 11.6in x 0.8in (345mm x 295mm x 21mm)