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    • E. Gustavo PetersenE. Gustavo Petersen
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      I recently purchased this meter and I love the idea of it. I think it’s bold and fills a niche in certain problem shots that photographers and cinematographers encounter from time to time as well as being a great first time or replacement meter.

      However, the app leaves much to be desired, at least in terms of using it for cinematography which I can mostly speak to. I’m sure you’re aware of Lumu meter. Their app is fairly comprehensive when it comes to the needs of cinematography. It too has a few things that could stand some improvement too but on the whole, they did a good job.

      I hope that in the coming iterations of the app, we’ll see the Illuminati app improve with more features, customization, ability to directly input data or draw from a list of presets, and a presentation more focused on either the needs of the cinematographer and/or photographer.

      Case in point, choosing ND. I don’t think in terms of 1-stop, 2-stops, EVs, etc. I want to input ND 0.3 or ND 1.2. That’s more in line with a cinema camera department. I want to be able to stack filters. I want to be able to input more than 4-stops of ND (it’s not uncommon to have ND 2.4 on some digital cameras that have a base ISO of 2500). I would love to have a memory function like on my Sekonic 858. Etc. In all, it’s all stuff I know can be done because I’ve seen it and used it but I want to be able to do it with this meter.

      I wouldn’t complain so much if I didn’t really believe in the possibilities for this meter. I hope it keeps getting better – both the app and the meter. (Version 2 would be nice if it was more weather and dirt proof.) Keep up the great work and continued success.

    • rguttoschrguttosch
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      Thanks, Gustavo. These are all great ideas – very helpful. The ND thing is pretty easy to do. A memory function is planned, along with a logging function.

      Perhaps we could have a side conversation about app features. You can always find us at “info” at illuminatiinstruments_dot_com.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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