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    • Jeff BrislaneJeff Brislane
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      Hey Everyone,

      I purchased my Illuminati primarily to use for real estate photography and video production. Especially the video side where nailing accurate colour and exposure in camera is really important. However i was mucking around with it in my office and thought id measure the lights in my room and that made me realize the “cool daylight” globes were not so cool daylight after all which is important for ambient viewing conditions.

      I then thought id measure my monitors! I’ve had an issue where my Eizo monitor always looks a little cooler and more magenta than my NEC monitor even after repeated calibrations my my spider 5. I opened a plain white windows explorer screen and measured both monitors and too my surprise i was right! My NEC was perfectly calibrated at 6000K and was slightly warmer in the yellow side and my Eizo measured 5400K and was slightly cooler in the magenta side.

      So in summary i can see some real world applications for the Illuminati meter just in my office, and when i get into printing later this year its going to be even more helpful in getting the right ambient room colour and luminance for correct print viewing!

    • rguttoschrguttosch
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      @jeff-brislane – thanks for the additional info on your uses for the meter. Yes, it can check monitors in a broad way, like you describe. Monitors are essentially light sources. Both of these measurement devices (Illuminati Meter and monitor calibrator) fall into the category of “colorimeters”: three-channel (RG&B) devices used to measure color.

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